QV Winter Trivia League

Rules and regulations 

When and where: 

Weekly, every Monday starting on February 27 until Apr 3, 2023

Quidi Vidi Brewery taproom, 35 Barrows Rd. St. John’s.

Start time is 7:00pm

How to register:


How to play: 

  • Once your team has arrived, you will be given answer sheets and door prize tickets at the door (door prize will be chosen during intermission, the prize is an individual prize, not for the team)
  • Each team will be provided with everything they need to play for the night ie. pens, paper
  • There will be 4 rounds of 10 questions followed by a brief intermission with 3 more rounds of 10 questions
  • Each week you are given the option to double down on a round (get double points for that round) which must be chosen BEFORE the round of your choice starts
  • Each answer is worth one point for a total of 80 points (including the double down)
  • Any disputes will be decided by the host
  • The nightly prize is a free round of beer for the winning team (the team with the most points at the end of all 7 rounds)
  • Any tie breaker will be a question that only one person from the team can answer (player must be chosen before the question)
  • Each team will swap answer sheets to grade, any issues will be decided by the host
  • There is no  use of phones during the rounds, if you are caught cheating, points will be deducted



  • Playoffs are on week 6
  • Scores for playoffs will be your top 5 week's scores, including week 6, with lowest score being dropped or allowance for 1 missed week
  • Trivia will be only 5 regular rounds followed by playoffs starting when round 5 is finished (including your scores from the 5 rounds just played)


  • Only the top 6 teams can participate in the final  rounds for the grand prize of a $500 bar tab 
  • The final  rounds will be timed rounds with the lowest scoring teams being eliminated until only 2 remain
  • The final 2 will go head to head in a speed round ending with the grand winning team


The Grand Prize:

The first place team of The Winter Trivia League will win a $500 QV gift card.

The gift card is a one time use for a group reservation in the taproom. 

Team members are welcome to invite friends and family to be part of their reservation if they wish. 

Any balance exceeding $500 must be paid on the day of the reservation. 

The gift card does not include gratuity. 

Advance notice for the reservation is required and subject to availability.



Have fun and good luck!