The year is 1996.
Quidi Vidi Brewery is finished being constructed in an old fish plant.
On the main floor, the first 1892 Traditional Ale rolls off the line. 
There is excitement in the air!
 A delicious malt forward beer with a beautiful amber color.
I mean, what more could you ask for? Or so we thought...
Unlike the beer, it's release did not go smoothly...
The average Newfoundlander was used to drinking light lagers.
1892 was the EXACT opposite beer of what we probably should have made.
But we took a chance and we paid dearly...
The company struggled for well over a decade and at many points we almost went out of business. It wasn't until we launched Iceberg Beer that the company started to turn around.
But even then, most days we wondered if the lights were going to turn on.
Flash forward 25 years. It's 2021 and there are now 19 locally owned Craft Breweries in Newfoundland and Labrador. It's almost impossible to imagine that this could have happened in 1996. In the first 20 years of operation we probably made 20 or 30 different beers. In 2020 alone we made over 60 different beers! Just wow. 
But our story isn't unique. It's the story of Newfoundland in a nutshell.
Things are more difficult on this island. It takes time and hardwork and there are always setbacks. Nobody can do this on their own. We need the support of each other and a lot of luck.
And even with all of these things, sometimes it still doesn't work out. 
So we are saying thank you to everyone for all your support over the last 25 years. 
Whether you supported us at the pub, or on the couch. In the trailer, or in the shed. 
For all of you who drank QV in the early days while your friends made fun of you, a reallllllly big thank you to you haha. 
At the end of the day. We are proud to be Newfoundlanders and we are proud to be craft brewers. Here's to 25 more years and 25 more breweries! 
(We'll be celebrating all year with parties in the tap room on the 25th of each month starting this Monday. Stay tuned for more details and thank you all again)

For the latest updates on the month party on the 25th of every month, be sure to visit us on Instagram at @quidividibeer or click the button below. #QV25




On January 21st, 2021,
We're hosting a beer pairing dinner at Quidi Vidi Brewery to celebrate our latest beer release, the QVxNF 4 pk.
This 4 pk is a collaboration with The Newfermenters and features the following brews:
  • Brothers Scuff - Session IPA - 4.5% Abv - Ben Hussey
  • Sabby Sour - Sour Kveik - 4.2% -  Jordan Blake
  • Lost In Time - Roggenbier - 5.5% Abv - Mark Courish
  • Darkstar - Coffee English Style Bitter - 6.0% - Ralph Pike
Chef Mark McCrowe has sampled the brews ahead of time and has created the perfect food pairings:
  1. Smoked Salmon Cake - tomato chutney, curried parsnip purée w/ Session NEIPA
  2. Pig in a Blanket w/ Sour Kveik
  3. Spiced Duck Confit - brown butter spaetzle, Newfoundland mushrooms, mustard maple vinaigrette, rye bread crumb w/ Roggenbier
  4. Black Forrest Doughnut - w/ Coffee English Style Bitter
Tickets include food and beer for the evening, as well as gratuity.

Doors open at 6pm, dinner starts at 7pm.